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For Sale is a classic game of two halves. In the first half players use their starting money of 14 coins to buy properties. The properties are on cards and range from a value of 1 to 30, with one of each value. A property cards are turned face up – one for each player in the game.

Players bid for the cards. When it's your turn to bid you can drop out and take the lowest value of the remaining face up cards and pay half of your last bid (that can be nil if you decide to bid nothing). Alternatively you increase the last bid and stay in the bidding.

The last person bidding pays the full value of their bid and takes the last card which will be the best of that particular deal. This process is repeated until all the cards have gone – each player will have the same number of cards.

You win the game by having the highest value in cheques at the end of the game. You get the cheques in the second half. Cheques have values from zero to 15. They are dealt face up – the number of cards matching the number of players. Players then simultaneously reveal one of their property cards collected in the first round.

The player who played the highest value property card takes the highest value cheque, the next highest gets second choice and so on, every player will get one of the cheques. Then more cheques are dealt and the process repeated until all the cheques have gone. Everyone adds up the value of their cheques to any left over money they have from the property buying round and the player with the most is the winner.

There are two decks of cards with the properties and the cheques. They are reasonable quality and the properties are well illustrated with kids particularly enjoying the pictures ("I want to live there ..!"). The money is represented by small cardboard coins which win no prizes for quality.


A good filler. No downtime as all cards are played simultaneously and the bidding rounds go quickly. Not a huge amount of strategy but you don't start the game with much money so you have to be careful what you buy in the property round.

Some luck involved say when you get zero cheques and 15s in the same deal – they are the deals to save your big properties for.

Six property cards are taken out of the deck at the start to limit the ability of card counters. A popular game with kids and perfect to play whilst waiting for stragglers to turn up for the bigger games.